WePay Dashboard

You can manage your payment processor account.from the WePay Dashboard in Ministry Sync. In the beta, click your organization logo in the upper right corner, and then choose WePay.

WePay Dashboard Link

To access the WePay Dashboard, your user access must be Admin or Owner Admin level. 

From the WePay Dashboard under Account Info you'll find:

  1. The Total Balance: The total of all transactions that have been fully processed and approved, but have not yet been transferred to you.
  2. Outgoing Amount: The portion of your total balance that is scheduled to be transferred for the current settlement period.
  3. Reserved Amount: The portion of your total balance that exceeds your settlement limit ($5,000.00 per week) that will be temporarily held until the next possible settlement period.
  4. Pending: The total of all transactions that are still being processed and have not been approved or applied to your account balance.
  5. Disputed: The total of all transactions that are disputed via customer chargebacks or through WePay.
  6. Soft Descriptor: This is the wording that people will see on their credit card statement. 
  7. Settlement Method: You'll find the current method and account for your deposits, and can log into WePay to make changes to both. Choose between Direct Deposit or Recurring Checks.
  8. Settlement Frequency: Change the frequency of your deposits from daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily deposits are not available for recurring checks.
  9. Add a WePay Account: If you'd like to have a separate WePay account for your walk and your banquet, add a new account. This is particularly useful when:
    • you would like a different soft descriptor for walks and banquets
    • you have different bank accounts for different events
    • different events need more or less frequent deposits

Other sections of the WePay Dashboard include:

  1. Linked Events: The list of events linked to each WePay Account.
  2. Active Accounts: If you have created additional accounts with different soft descriptors, those will show in the column to the left of your Account Information. Click on each soft descriptor to change to the WePay dashboard for that account. Pending accounts take up to 24 hours for approval. 
  3. WePay Reports: In the upper right corner, you'll find a link to WePay Reports. These are reports on the WePay site and include the transactions from your registrants and donors and the settlements to your accounts. The Online Payment Deposit Report has been replaced with a WePay Transactions report in Reports & Exports.
  4. Accepted Methods of Payment: For US customers WePay, offers Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club. For Canadian customers, WePay offers Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. ACH from checking and savings is not accepted.
  5. Contact WePay Support link: Any WePay-specific questions can be addressed by the WePay Customer Delight team by clicking the Contact WePay Support link