Deposits for WePay Customers

Deposit Frequency and Bank Account Information: Deposits can be set to be made daily, weekly, or monthly for direct deposit, or weekly or monthly for recurring checks. Generally speaking, there is a 2 day settlement period for transactions. You can change deposit frequency and your bank account information from your WePay Dashboard and by logging into Click Settings > Settlement Details > Change. 

WePay Transactions report: We've replaced the Online Payment Report with the WePay Transactions report. This report shows the Approved, Pending, Refunded, and Disputed transactions (when available) in separate sections. It also shows you which transactions included fees that were covered by the donor.
WePay Transactions
You'll find this report in Reports & Exports in the beta and in the Viewing options in old Ministry Sync in AttendEasy or Easy Reports in FundEasy. This report is exportable to CSV.

View Settlements or Payments on WePay:

  • To see the settlements (deposits) for your event, click WePay Reports in the right corner of the WePay Dashboard and then choose "View Settlements at WePay".
    WePay Reports Links
  • This will take you to From the Reporting tab in WePay on the left, choose Settlements and then click Download to CSV to have that report link emailed to you. This report is similar to the old Online Payment Deposit report.
    Settlement Tab
  • The Payments tab will show the completed transactions, including payments, refunds, chargebacks, and settlements. Where it shows "Settlement from," this is the money from your Payment Account in WePay sent to your bank account or to you by check depending your your settlement method. 

    Payments Tab